Agency Partner, Facebook

Keynote: The power of people based marketing
We are living in a world that is growing faster by the day. Conventional advertising methods and customer communication only work to a certain extent and are being complemented or replaced by new technologies and methods.
Social networks are playing a pioneering role here and yet they still often have a subordinate status within the marketing mix. Learn about the untapped potential in this area and find out what opportunities social networks can offer companies.

About Jan Starcke
Jan Starcke is an Agency Partner at Facebook. Before he joined Facebook over four years ago, he worked as Commercial Director at Xplosion Interactive GmbH, where he was responsible for sales and key account management. Before that, he helped lay the foundations for Criteo’s success in Germany as one of the company’s first employees in the country. He has also worked in online marketing for TradeDoubler GmbH, Otto (GmbH & Co KG) and the agency Bigmouth Media.