Digital Payment Solutions Advisor

Presentation: What future trends will shape the payment landscape?
We live in an ever-changing payment business – challenging payment managers in need of finding a scalable solution that offers continuous innovation opportunity.
Payment trends from the merchant’s perspective:
What are the distinctions when implementing omni-channel payment with a focus on the POS?
What do you have to keep in mind when looking for your perfect payment solution? What future trends will shape the payment landscape?

About Eric William Pitts
Eric Willam Pitts is head of Sixt’s newly established dedicated Payments Department and is primarily responsible for Sixt’s global payment infrastructure and processes; including point-of-sale,various online, and alternative payment platforms. Experienced within the digital payment sphere, Eric has a strong history of working internationally with payment networks and professionals. Maintaining a knowledge base and having the latest information available on digital payment solutions is integral to the success and operational efficiency; something Eric has devoted his career to since his transition into the payments field in 2009. His background in Information Technology and specialization in IT Business Economics has both offered Eric a bolstered working knowledge of the digital payments spectrum, as well as a unique perspective. With over a decade in business development and customer management, Eric’s ability to adapt and respond to diverse situations, combined with his technical knowledge and communication skills, have contributed to his high standards of performance and excellence.